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Motion Equations, Simulations and Optimizations

Here are a bit more mathematic contents, generating motion equations, doing simulations, finding optimal parameters or trajectories, etc. Some of them will be useful tools for you if you want to generate mathematic formulas automatically or you want to do simulations and optimizations in much easier way.

JModelica Template

This is a template Python code set which makes it easy to use JModelica to solve optimal control problem.

JModelica is a tool to solve optimal problem and it makes it easy to define problems by using Modelica/Optimica language. (The script last updated: 2012/05/28)

Establishing Motion Equations

This is a script which generates motion equations for multibody dynamics. It was written in Python using Sympy which calculates mathematic expressions in symbolic form.

If you give some information of masses, positions, injected forces, etc to the script, it will return motion equations explicitly. (The script last updated: 2009/05/10)

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