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Point Cloud Skinner v0.14

Point Cloud Skinner v0.14 with a new UI is available. (2010/01/10)

Happy New Year 2010!

My new year's resolusion is to learn Blender 2.50 Alpha! I wish you all a happy Blender life. (2010/01/10)

"My Blender Life" Updated

I'm adding what I did with Blender to the page "My Blender Life". (2009/03/18)

Point Cloud Skinner v0.12

Point Cloud Skinner v0.12, a new Python script is available. (2009/01/01)

Happy New Year 2009!

My new year's resolusion is to learn Blender more, the same as the last year! (2009/01/01)

Faking Anisotropic Effect

To fake the effect by using a bump map with Indigo 1.1.9. (2008/10/25)

Included in Tony's Book

Thank you so much for putting my simulation on your book, Tony! (2008/10/05)

Using External Data on BGE

Displaying a motion using external data in real time on BGE. (2008/09/26)

How Script t15 Skins

How does Script t15 skin point cloud? You can see it now with lots of images. (2008/09/21)

ToDo List

Now you can see my todo list for this site. I hope it may have an interesting topic for you all. (2008/03/06)

Pole Standing

This is a physics simulation of a pole standing and it will be controlled automatically. (2008/02/16)

How does Script t6 Skin a Point Cloud?

I'm trying to develop a script to skin a point cloud now and I wrote Script t6 for it. (2008/01/04)

Happy New Year!

My new year's resolusion is to learn Blender more! (2008/01/01)

You can See a Simulation of a Harmonic Drive

A harmonic drive is simulated using more than 100 Objects. (2007/11/08)

My Homepage Started

I finished making a basic layout of my homepage and you can see it now. I hope you like it. (2007/11/08)

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