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What would You Like to See Here?

Welcome! Here are all the contents in this site. Please click one of the following links depending on what you would like to see. They will guide you quickly to the page where you would like to go in this site.

Script Projects

Here are three script projects for Blender. These are all Blender add-on written in Python. They have been published on the threads in BlenderArtists.


Physics Simulations with Blender

Here are several physics simulation results which are calculated with Bullet in Blender.

They will show you that Bullet can calculate a complex motion of a number of objects based on physics and generate a very realistic movement of the objects.


Motion Equations, Simulations and Optimizations

Here are a bit more mathematic contents, generating motion equations, doing simulations, finding optimal parameters or trajectories, etc.

Some of them will be useful tools for you if you want to generate mathematic formulas automatically or you want to do simulations and optimizations in much easier way.



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