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This page last modified: 2009/04/23

Here are doodles that I tried to take a test for. I will put tests when there are no proper categories for them.


Blendigo with Japanese Characters

Using the address which includes Japanese characters to specify the desktop path for my brief tests with Blendigo causes a problem with getting characters garbled.

Changing a little bit of the code, it seems to have been fixed. The changed code available for download. (Finished: 2008/11/04)

Faking Anisotropic Effect

Indigo 1.1.9 doesn't have the settings yet that allow you to setup anisotropy in an easy way, but there is a good way to fake the effect by using a bump map, and I tried to take a test of it.

Getting IOR high will make the reflection bright, getting Exponent high will make the reflection thin, and getting B high will make anisotropic effect strong. (Finished: 2008/09/25)

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